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Mutual Societies in the Public Eye

It seems that mutual societies are increasingly more aware of their role in working with the public, their corporate responsibility is increasing and they really are doing great things for communities around the UK. One mutual society that appears to be doing some fantastic work is Scottish Friendly, they are continually finding new ways to engage with the community and bring benefit to children. Some of their most recent initiatives have gone down a storm with locals; the people that seem to Read more [...]
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How to Decorate a Child’s Room for Christmas

The Christmas season allows us opportunity to redecorate our homes in line with the festive celebrations. Ornaments and cards fill mantle-pieces, colourful tinsel and decorations hang on the walls and fairy lights add a charismatic touch all around the home. Of course, the traditional Christmas tree often becomes the focal point of the living room also. However, many families choose to spruce up all parts of the home with Christmassy decorations. Children are enthralled with this time of the year Read more [...]

Pregnancy Myths Revealed

Being pregnant appears to give anyone and everyone the impression you need a full health assessment, as well as advice, whenever you meet. Whether you’re told that you need to ‘eat for two’ or warned of the dangers of bathing in hot water, it seems there is always someone who knows it all. So, if you’re wondering whether alcohol AND sex is off the menu for the next nine months, reading on will give you answers to those pregnancy myths and more. Eating for Two This old wives tale is not Read more [...]

The Right Rise and Recline Chairs

There are many areas in our lives that we subject our bodies to the stress and strains of living. But what will benefit you when you want to rests is a comfortable rise and recline chair. Having the right equipment can be the difference of relaxing your whole body and causing more stress, strain and injuries. There are many different body shapes and getting the right chair for you is vital, having a multi positioned chair that you can adjust so that you can get the back and neck supported as well Read more [...]
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