All you need to know about dental tourism

Going abroad to less developed countries is quickly becoming a common practice for those looking to get complex dental procedures done that would normally cost a lot more in that person’s home country. It may seem strange to go on a holiday to get dental work done, but many people are now doing it because of the much lower prices of getting dental work done in foreign countries, a good example of this is getting dental work done in Thailand and is a popular destination for this. The benefits There Read more [...]

All you need to know about toothaches

For some people toothaches are a major issue, especially for those that get them quite frequently. Sometimes we may not believe that they are serious and that they will just go away, this article will talk more about what causes toothaches and how to tell if they are serious. Causes of toothaches Toothaches are usually in the form of pain in or around a tooth or several teeth and this is caused mainly by tooth decay, as this is where holes or cavities form in the teeth and affect the nerve Read more [...]

How to improve your smile

For most of us having a great smile is very important, not only because a great smile looks good in family photos, but has actually been proven that having a great smile can not only benefit your oral health but also your confidence and self-esteem. Over the course of our lives our teeth become discoloured, crooked and missing due to the everyday stresses we put our mouths through, this can be through the food we eat, the drinks we drink or in some cases an unfortunate accident which eventually Read more [...]

Escaping London for the beautiful English Coast

So it’s that time of year again when we go on holiday, but this year is different because my husband and me now have a 7-month-old baby with us. We didn’t want to go on our usual holiday’s which involves taxi’s, airplanes and hotel’s in foreign countries, so opted for the homeland holiday, so this year where going to Cornwall. Living in London we don’t get to see the country side much and when a friend suggested visiting Cornwall we decided this would be a perfect place to visit. With Read more [...]
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