Escaping London for the beautiful English Coast

So it’s that time of year again when we go on holiday, but this year is different because my husband and me now have a 7-month-old baby with us. We didn’t want to go on our usual holiday’s which involves taxi’s, airplanes and hotel’s in foreign countries, so opted for the homeland holiday, so this year where going to Cornwall. Living in London we don’t get to see the country side much and when a friend suggested visiting Cornwall we decided this would be a perfect place to visit. With Read more [...]

A special anniversary in Cornwall

For our second anniversary my boyfriend wanted to do something different. After much discussion we decided to go camping in Cornwall. I’ve always enjoyed camping, when me and my sister were young our parent’s used to take us camping in the school holidays, we went everywhere, the lakes, the Pennines and even in Scotland. So it’s no surprise that I was looking forward to a romantic weekend away with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary camping in Cornwall. After packing our rucksacks Read more [...]

Choosing the right candle for your home

When it comes to choosing good candles you should not only look at their appearance but also consider the fragrance as well. Getting the perfect fragrance is essential because it can change the whole feel of your home. Usually during holidays is when we have our candles on display because it is the time of year that we have guests over or the family comes together as one. I know when I have a party I always choose to light up a few candles to really set the mood. I do however make a conscious Read more [...]

Fashion at the Grand National

Each and every year at Aintree the biggest horse race in the UK takes place, The Grand National. Thousands of race goers make their way to the Aintree Festival, but it's not all about the horse racing! One of the days is Ladies' Day, this is the chance for the ladies to put on their best outfits and hats for the day. Some people plan their fashion months in advance and spend a lot of their hard earned money in order to look their best! There are even prizes on offer for the best dressed, so it can Read more [...]
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