Why Summer is the Best Season

It's said that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, or so the famous song goes. And it certainly has a valid claim to be. Presents, goodwill to all men, classic Christmas hits, and treasured family time. But what about the case for the warm summer months? Sunny weather seems to make people a lot more friendly and cheerful. People walk with a spring in their step, they smile more, in some cases they even talk to strangers! People seem to get that extra glow in their cheeks. Who Read more [...]

Awesome Workout Apparel for This Summer  

Summer is a great time to hop on an excellent workout routine, to get your body fit and energized! It’s a time of year that you want to be rocking the best body possible, and the sun is out so why not go enjoy the outdoors and get some sweating time in? Your body will thank you as you boost your metabolism and have a great time doing it. Whether you love yoga, running, biking or hiking with friends, you can get some exercise this summer and burn calories without even realizing it. If you need some Read more [...]

Best Workouts for New Moms

So you’ve just had a new baby, and are ready to get back into the workout routine! Maybe you’ve got a goal of reaching your pre-pregnancy weight, or maybe you’re just looking to get fitter and more energized to keep up with your new little charge! Either way, working out is an amazing way to increase your health, energy levels and your mood, helping you to be the best new mom you can be. There are lots of great workouts you can do as a new mom that are quick on time, so you can make of your Read more [...]

How to Help a Loved One With a Drug Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction is one of those taboo topics that people often don’t want to talk about. It is something that can bring a lot of shame to people experiencing it, who don’t know how to stop their habit. If you have a loved one who you think might be under the grips of a drug or alcohol addiction, you have a responsibility to step in and give them the support they deserve. There are so many ways to find treatment and get your life back in order if you have a drug addiction. Advanced Health Read more [...]
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